Lick Fits

By: Anna Wallace

“Lick Fit” is a term Swissy enthusiasts use to describe the frantic licking Swissys can be prone to. 

This phenomenon has been reported to hit roughly 17% of the breed. 

When in the middle of a Lick Fit, the dog will lick anything they can (carpet, floors, walls)
and will eat anything they can find (grass, leaves, dirt, carpet)
and will gulp air and swallow constantly. 

Their actions make it obvious they distressed and in severe gastrointestinal discomfort. 
Many Swissy owners speculate as to the causes,  theorizing about acid reflux or gas buildup in the 

 Offer a slice or two of bread, Tums and/or a couple Gas-X capsules. 

Lick Fits are most common in young Swissys, but any age can be affected.  Many 
owners are able to prevent  lick fits by ensuring the dog never has an empty stomach,

using more frequent, smaller meals as opposed to one large one and 
feeding large dog biscuits as  between meal snacks.

 No one knows the cause, your dog will be distressed licking and gulping air.
They like to go in the yard and eat grass or snow, and may vomit.
If crated they may eat their bedding ($3500 vet bill). 
Offer Tums, GasX, Bread and watch for bloat as they are gulping air, they might just need to belch.     

~ Carolynn