Knowledge is power...

There are health concerns with any breed, by knowing what can happen you can be better prepared if it happens to your Swissy.
Below is a list of concerns and links to information. 

If you currently have a Swissy be sure to fill out the
GSMD Health Survey

Orthopedic Issues
Hip Dysplasia
Elbow Dysplasia
Osteochondrosis Dissecans - OCD

Bloat/Torsion - GDV


P2Y12 - Platelet Disorder

Spleen Issues - Torsion & Hemangeoma

Distichiasis and Entropion

Licking Episodes - Licky Fits

CH CedarCoves Dirty Martini - "OLIVE"

Health Tips
Pet insurance - Because stuff happens
Care Credit - 6 months no interest, apply online or at your vets

Dental - Oral health is good health

Grooming - Less shedding, better foot health
  • ZoomGroom - better than furminator for daily use
  • Dremel - easier and safer than clipping

First aid - keep a kit on hand at home and in the car, include;
  • Benydral, GasX, Tums,
  • Bandages, Vet wrap, Blanket,
  • Flashlight, Food and water.

Travel -
  • Map out Emergency vets en-route before you leave
  • Carry a picture of your pet, vaccination records, Pet wearing ID
  • GPS Tracker - Whistle
  1. Relic and Ember waiting for supper
  2. Siren coffee time
  3. ER visit Topaz with aspirated pneumonia
  4. Spleenectomy $1400 - Enlarged and folded
  5. This is bloat. $5,000 surgery
  6. Pan 6yrs old, Topaz 11yrs old - their daily exercise
  7. Topaz swim therapy
  8. Visit with Bentley after his dyalisis
  9. Siren infection from a dog bite
  10. River and Cameo chillaxin
  11. Showing River with my broken elbow
  12. Ember Massage