About CedarCove Puppies
Puppies grow up fast ... 
Swissies were accepted into the AKC in 1995, and I jumped on the bandwaggon shortly there after. We were all so new to the breed and there was so much we had to do to improve the health, structure and longevity of these wonderful animals. Back then the gene pool was so small and people didn't want share any bad health information. I'm not sure when the change came around but once we started sharing and educating others, the health and longevity increased. There are a lot of Swissies living in to the double-digits now. 

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Some think I try to talk people out of getting a Swissy.
I truly just want everyone to make an informed decision. These dogs are not for everyone. They get big fast, they are very strong and a bit stubborn. With the love and joy that come from spending time with a Swissy so big is the heartache of losing one. Meet them talk to their owners talk to breeders and wait for the right puppy. 

I typically breed just one litter a year.
Breeding is a huge investment emotionally and in both money and time.
A lot of that time is searching out the right homes for each puppy so we can make as happy a union as possible. All puppies are placed as companions some in show homes, and some in non-show homes.
Non-Show puppies will be placed on spay/neuter contracts
with limited registration.
Litter evaluations are done at 8-weeks by experienced
mentors and breeders.

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Raising, training, showing and breeding Greater Swiss is my hobby. 
I have a passion for the breed, and it is a lot of work but I love doing it and sharing the experience with others.
I don't raise dogs in kennels, they are part of the family.
​​I Got Swiss!
CH CedarCoves Arkadian Piper - "Pan"
(Alex x Topaz)
They all deserve a chance - Pan started out at a mere 10oz, while his siblings weighed in at
16-24oz. Not only was he tiny but his back legs were straight.  He came from a large litter and did not have room to move inutero. 
He took special care and physical therapy from the start.

Now he has grown to a sweet sensitive soul who went on to become a Champion, has earned Leg 1 of his Herding Capability Title, passed all his health clearances and sired a beautiful litter of puppies.
My parents have Pan and his mom Topaz.
Swissies run in the family.
CedarCove Litters
Cedar's Litters  - CH Snowy Mountain Ideal WWD ROM
  • Sired by Ice - the 'Tree Litter'                                    born  2003  2/04
  • Sired by Jackson - the 'Gem Stone Litter'           born 2004   9/21
  • Sired by Gunner - the 'Games Litter'                     born 2007  3/16

Topaz's Litters - CH CedarCoves Jem Stone HCT
  • Sired by Baron - the 'Colorado Towns'                born 2007    1/05
  • Sired by X-Man - the 'Swiss Chocolates'             born 2008    8/22
  • Sired by Alex - the 'Puppy gods'                               born 2010   4/14

Olive's Litters - CH CedarCoves Dirty Martini
  • Sired by Kronk - 'Olives Wine & Spirits'              born 2010    1/05
  • Sired by Heath - ' Olives Quarry'                            born 2011    8/15
  • Sired by Kronk - the 'Dragon Litter'                      born 2012    3/13
  • Sired by Wonka - the 'Everlasting Gobbstopper'      2013    2/09

Siren's Litter - GCH CH CedarCoves Alarming Muse
  • Sired by Trick - the 'Euro Zone'                                born 2013    2/14

Embers Litters - CH CedarCoves Kick N Ash HCT 
  • Sired by Moon - the 'Swiss Cheeses'                    born 2012    5/28
  • Sired by Bunker - the 'Super Storm'                      born 2014    1/22
  • Sired by Pan - the 'Philosophers'                            born 2015    2/22

Cameos Litter - Int CH CedarCoves Suisse Heirloom WWD
  • Sired by Blue - the 'Colorado Cannabis Litter'  born 2016   4/20
  • Sired by Relic - the "Soda Pups Litter'                    born 2017   5/12
  • Sired by Gandalf - the 'Justice League'                  born 2018   1/02

Rivers Litter - CH CedarCoves Ruff Waters
  • Sired by Roman - 'Rivers of Ancient Rome'         born 2016   6/16
  • Sired by Roman - the 'Marvels'                                   born 2018  1/05

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