Double Doggers

All dogs love to be part of a pack.
Having two of the same breed just ads to the fun as they can play similarly.
The Double Doggers have trusted CedarCove enough to come back for more.
We are grateful for the fantistic love and care these homes have brought to our puppies and in to old age. 
  1. Pan and Topaz
    Pan and Topaz
    Living in Colorado with Gary & Shar (my mom and dad) Pan from the Puppy gods litter Topaz from the Gem Stone Litter
  2. Baron and Deisel
    Baron and Deisel
    Live in Colorado with Patricia Linville Baron from the Tree Litter Diesel from the Games Litter
  3. Clyde and Squatch
    Clyde and Squatch
    Live in Colorado with Jack and Tamara Clyde - Olives Quarry Squatch - Euro Zone Litter
  4. Raven and Brody
    Raven and Brody
    Live in Colorado with John and Cheryl Raven - Wine & Spirits Litter Brody - Willy Wonka'son - Everlasting Gobstopper
  5. Roman and Lisbon
    Roman and Lisbon
    Live in Colorado with John and Anna Roman and Lisbon are littermates from the Euro Zone Litter. Lisbon was rehomed at a year old and found his way back to his brother.
  6. Arosa and Socrates
    Arosa and Socrates
    Live in LA with Ken and Maia Arosa - Tree Litter, has since passed away at the age of 10-years. The family was ready for another Swissy, and decided on a boy. Socrates from the Philosopher Litter.
  7. Magic and Evander
    Magic and Evander
    Live in Colorado with Amy and Brenden Magic - Dragon Litter Evander - Philosphers Litter
  8. Remus and Shanti
    Remus and Shanti
    Live in Colorado with TerryAnn Remus - Tree Litter Shanti - Cannabis Litter
  9. Lily and Carl
    Lily and Carl
    Live in Utah w/ Michelle Lily from the Swiss Chocolate Litter Carl from the Dragon Litter.
  10. Izzy Mushu and Charlotte
    Izzy Mushu and Charlotte
    Living in Kentucky with Lance and Alicia Izzy Mushu - Dragon Litter Charolotte - Rivers of Ancient Rome
  11. Lemon and Tango
    Lemon and Tango
    Living with Mark and Diane in Colorado Lemon - Tree Litter Tango - Colorado Towns
  12. Rooty, Bergen, CedarCoves Frosty Mug
    Rooty and Bergen
    These two boys live the elevated life in Evergreen! Rooty - Soda Pup Bergen - Rivers of Ancient Rome
  13. Ice and Loki
    Ice and Loki
    Best friends! Ice - Superstorm Litter Loki - Marvels
  14. Olive and Batman
    Olive and Batman
    These two were so sweet together. Golden, CO Olive - Games Litter Batman - Justice League